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Travel Grants Available for 2nd Year Fellows
After registering for the conference, eligible Fellows can submit an application for a travel grant.

A Limited Number of Rocky Mountain IBD Fellows Travel Grants Are Available - Apply Today!

Fellows Travel Grant Questions

What is the Fellow Travel Grant Program?
•  The Rocky Mountain Inflammatory Bowel Disease Course travel grant is designed for gastroenterology fellows with an interest in a career in IBD. Preference for travel scholarships will be given to second-year GI fellows.
•  A maximum of one fellow per institution may receive grants.
•  As a fellow, you must be in an accredited ACGME-approved or ASGE-recognized fell
•  Grant applications will not be reviewed until applicants register for the course under the category “F
ellow,” and the fellow's grant application is completed via the application link provided in the registration confirmation email. If your grant application is accepted and you attend the 
entirety of the conference, RMIBD will send your institution a check, and your institution will reimburse you.
•  Grants will be awarded in the order in which completed applications are received. There are a limited number of $2,000 USD travel grants available.
•  If a grant is not awarded, and you are unable to attend the course, you may cancel your registration and receive a refund. 
•  The travel grant value is intended to assist with travel and lodging expenses. Domestic travel grants will be distributed to a fellow’s institution, following attendance at all conference events.

What are the rules for receiving a grant?
•  Register as a fellow
•  Complete the grant application
•  Stay at the conference hotel – Sun Valley Resort
•  Attend and sign in each day of the course

How can I apply for the travel grant?
When you begin the registration process, select "fellow" as your registration type. Once you complete the process by registering, paying the registration fees, and submitting all supplemental information and forms as outlined on the registration page, you will be considered for a travel grant. You will be notified of your grant award status once all grant funding is secured.


How do I receive the travel grant funds?

The grant monies will be paid directly to your institution as noted on the W-9 form you'll submit for the grant application. The grant is NOT paid to you as an individual. You will then follow your institution's reimbursement policies to receive money back to cover your expenses.


Who completes the W-9 form?

Your Program Director fills out the W-9 on behalf of the institution (or they forward on to their Administrator who does this for them).


What kind of institution are we for the W-9 form?

The Program Director or Administrator will know this information for completing the W-9.


Who has my Tax ID for the W-9 form?

This information should be provided by your Program Director or Administrator.


We are not any of the types of institutions listed on the W-9 form?

Please check "Other-Explain" and list the type of institution.


What address do I put on the W-9 form?

The address, name of institution, room/suite number and contact name should be where they want the travel grant check to be mailed. Many institutions have multiple addresses and departments, so it is critical to provide the correct address in order to minimize delays.


Who signs the W-9 form?

The Administrator or person in accounting who handles these requests should sign the W-9.

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